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Published in the Rains County Leader on December 12, 2017:

Change is one of those things that few people are neutral about – they either thrive on the new and different or they cling to the old and familiar. I’m more of a clinger. I tend to buy the same brands when I shop, I avoid trendy fashions in favor of the classics, and I almost never rearrange my furniture. This week, however, I’ve had to adjust.

Garage Sale Screen ShotI mentioned last week that David’s sister has ordered a new sofa and is passing on the sofa and love seat that were originally in their mother’s house to us. Since we have no extra space in either the house or the storage shed, our existing sofa, chair, and recliner have to go. I took pictures of those pieces shortly after we returned from our Thanksgiving visit, but for some reason – probably my resistance to change – I didn’t follow through and post them on the Rains County On-Line Garage Sale. Last Friday, I finally got busy, and within four hours of my posting, the recliner was gone. Less than twenty-four hours later, the sofa and chair were sold, and by the time this column is published, they will be gone, too.

Kitty always hides when anyone new comes into the house, but as soon as the family who bought the recliner hauled it out the door, she came in to inspect the empty spot. I have to admit that it wasn’t completely empty considering the dust bunnies and dead bugs that were under it, but that just added interest to her inspection tour. She was still interested Saturday morning, when I dragged out the seldom used steam iron to coax the matted carpet back to its original fluffiness, she watched closely, just to make sure I did it right.

About the time she was becoming accustomed to the blank spot in the living room, David filled it with the rocking chair from the bedroom, and she had to begin again. First, she had to give her approval to the new placement in the living room, and then she had to thoroughly inspect the now empty spot in the bedroom. It was an exhausting job, and she took a long nap afterward. She will be really worn out when the dramatic changes that are in her future occur.

The changing temperature is something else that neither of us is very enthusiastic about. My preferred footwear is none, so I don’t like it when the tile floor begins to get cold and I have to go back to wearing house shoes – and I hate it when the bathrooms feel like meat lockers! Kitty doesn’t seem too crazy about it this year either.

After spending half of her first winter outside, she seemed to find the indoor climate tooKitty on the afghan warm for her taste. She preferred lying on the tile rather than the carpet, and she avoided sitting in front of the heater or lying in the sunshine. That seems to have changed as she approaches her third winter. Since the temperature has dropped, her favored napping spots are the end of the bed or snuggled down into David’s afghan on the sofa. And this weekend I saw her lying at the very edge of the oscillating heater’s range, and later on, she stretched out in a patch of sunshine that was streaming through the storm door.

She has also decided that sleeping alone at night is a cold and lonely proposition. Several times lately, I’ve awakened during the night to find her pressed against my stomach. As I said earlier, I don’t take to change easily. With her in front and David snuggled up against my back, it’s warm – very warm – and it’s also a bit hard to breath and almost impossible to move. One night I had a cramp in my leg and was frantic to change positions. Considering the weight difference between Kitty and David, she was the one that had to move, and she ended up on the floor. She didn’t seem to mind too much, though. The next night she was back.

Kitty and I are both going to have to adjust to new furniture, and I guess I’ll have to adjust to the new sleeping arrangements. After all, I’ve been hoping she would become more of a lap cat, and this may be as close as she gets.





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