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Published in the Rains County Leader on April 3, 2018:


My brother, Dr. Jim Robinson, performed the ceremony. His wife JoLynn was our photographer.

This weekend was a very special one for David and me. Not only did we celebrate the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus, but between Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday, we celebrated our eighteenth wedding anniversary. We didn’t go out on Saturday because David felt like he was finally coming down with the various upper respiratory ailments I’ve been dealing with for the last two months. Instead, we had a nice dinner at home and bored our Facebook friends with wedding pictures and a Facebook-created video.

People were very kind, though, responding to our photographic memories with lots of “likes” and comments. Most of the comments were simple anniversary wishes, but a few went further. Several mentioned what a cute couple we are, and one said we looked like we were out to have a lot of fun. The most interesting comments, though, were the two that mentioned how evident my happiness was. One said that I “glowed,” and Connie, my photographer friend, made some very interesting observations about the differing attitudes of the bride and groom.

Connie has experience in photographing David and me, because when my book was published in 2014, she volunteered to do my head shot. I warned her that I’m not an easy subject. I don’t like having my picture taken, and the resulting photos usually show it. She wasn’t at all intimidated and proceeded to give me some tips on how to apply my make-up to get the best results.

She knew better than to put me in a formal studio setting, so the day of the shoot, she just

told me to walk across the street to her house when I was ready. David went with me so he could visit with Charles, and also because Connie had said she’d take a few shots of him, too. We sat on her porch chatting while she made non-threatening adjustments to her hand-held camera and checked lighting. She began by taking a few test shots, and then she began coaching me in how to at least look a little bit relaxed. If she had been using film, she would have gone through a dozen rolls, but she never showed any frustration or any sign of giving up. Finally, while she moved a piece of reflective material she had placed on my lap or made some other minor adjustment, I leaned my elbow on the porch rail and rested my head on my hand. That’s when she got the shots she wanted.

Next, she turned to David and took half a dozen shots, all of which made him look like a professional model. Then, she took a series of shots of us together. Those were all pretty good, because posing with David is a lot easier than posing alone – especially when she had us change clothes and get on the motorcycle.

When Connie saw the wedding pictures on Facebook, she wished us happy anniversary, but then she texted me: Fun observation…in the wedding pictures, David was deer in the headlights nervous about the camera while you were giddy happy and couldn’t care less about the camera. David has come a long way in relaxing for the camera – or maybe it was a more friendly photographer.

D&L in mirrorI told her she was right about me – I was too happy to worry about the camera. As for David, my sister-in-law JoLynn took the pictures, so I don’t think the difference was the photographer. I think it was more a matter of not being comfortable dressed up in a suit and being the center of so much attention. I think he was also a little concerned about his family who had come in from out of town. The worst part, though, was that he wasn’t thrilled about the number of photos I had asked JoLynn to take. Regardless of any tension he felt, we ended up with some great shots of the beginning of our life together.

By Sunday morning, after a day of rest and home remedies, David felt better. We David and Linda Smallercelebrated the Resurrection at a community Sunrise Service and breakfast followed by regular services at our home church. We had lunch with my Aunt Fay and various 1st, 2nd, and once-removed cousins and came home feeling tired but blessed.

Our anniversary was a bit of a non-event this year, but that’s okay. If the Good Lord is willing, there will be many more to come. In case that’s not His plan, we “celebrate us” a little bit each day. After all, David’s philosophy is “every day’s a holiday, and every meal’s a feast.”




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