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The most horrific incidents of child sex trafficking happen in the streets of your town, not on the Hollywood screen.

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I loved it! Tatia’s story touched me to the core. It captures the intense struggles and tragic events confronted by the many victims of sex trafficking. The story is compelling and well written, and I had to dry my eyes many times. The dialogue is amazing, particularly in the courtroom. – Christi Palmer, Beta Reader and Fellow Author

This is a wonderful book! Dealing with sex trafficking as often as I do, I can attest to how often it truly happens this way. Eric’s grooming of Tatia is very realistic. – Sara Attaway, A child welfare attorney

 I was very impressed by how the author described very difficult scenes in a way that is affecting while not being lascivious. – Christian Piatt, President and CEO of BookPros

Would you be shocked to learn that a thriving child sex trafficking trade exists in your town and that the children who go to your schools and play in your parks might be the next target of the local pimp?

I was stunned to learn about the sex trafficking trade that thrives in a small East Texas town less than fifty miles from where my husband David and I live out our country retirement. Tatia’s Tattoo is about a child who has been sidelined by life and has fallen through the cracks of a system that should have protected her from this type of insidious crime.

 Tatia’s Tattoo begins on a Friday morning as Tatia Robins, a successful D.C. attorney, awakens from a nightmare that has tormented her for over a decade, a replay of her twelfth birthday when Eric stole her innocence and then sold her for the first time. After spending some time in prayer, she finishes packing and leaves for Royal Children’s Camp, a Christian camp for foster children where she first met Jesse and Mrs. G and now serves as a counselor every summer.

The journey to camp each year stirs up memories of her journey from a happy child in the arms of loving parents to one more statistic in the sex-trafficking industry in a small Texas town. She also remembers her day in court when she stood up to Eric, the man who was supposed to have loved her.

She is met at the airport by Mrs. G, the woman who recognized her as one of the least of these in spite of her skin-tight mini dress and the prisoner’s band around her wrist. Throughout the weekend, she looks forward to a reunion with other members of the Grochowsky Rescue Academy and with Jesse, the Christian tattoo artist and biker who waits patiently for Tatia to feel safe enough to tear down the protective walls she has built around herself. Will the love of her new family and Jesse’s surprise gift be enough to help her reclaim the power that Eric stole from her?

It is my hope that Tatia’s Tattoo will give a voice to the oppressed and broken children who cannot speak for themselves. – From the Author

Filled with tragedy, crime, redemption, and love, Tatia’s Tattoo is a poignant story that exposes the sordid underbelly of sex trafficking in small-town America and shines a light of hope on how it might be defeated.

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