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Published in the Rains County Leader on August 7, 2018:

Push button

Several of my readers have asked how the saga of the motor home is progressing. You’ll be happy to know that, although we’re still waiting for news on the generator, some good things have happened and we are moving forward. In case you missed the beginning of the story, I’ll just say that when you let a motor home sit unused for seven years, it begins to deteriorate. It may still look good, but flipping a switch or pushing a button doesn’t guarantee that something good will happen.


When David fired up the generator for the first time in forever, parts decided to playmoving on.jpg Fruit Basket Turnover. His search for parts has been relatively successful. He has found two or three vendors who say they can order them, but getting final pricing including tax and shipping has proved to be a challenge. While waiting for the bottom line, he has run into another problem. Working on large generators is apparently a very specialized skill, because the vendors who say they can get the parts also say they are not qualified to install them. On the other hand, the people who are qualified to work on generators refuse to believe that parts are available for a 20-year-old motor home. It’s all very confusing, and since a generator isn’t absolutely necessary unless you do a lot of wilderness camping, we’ve moved on to other issues.

recallIn one of our forays into a big-name camping store, David met Scott, a man from Yantis who works on mobile homes. He doesn’t have a shop, but he makes house calls – and his hourly rate is considerably less than the big guys. He doesn’t work on generators, but he does work on refrigerators, so he came out to take a look at ours. This is where the good news began. Several years ago, there was a manufacturer’s recall on the model in our motor home, and they added a small part that was supposed to turn the unit off in the event it overheated. Apparently a recall is needed on the recall. Ours turned the unit off altogether, even though there was nothing wrong – and the replacement Scott had on his truck was bad as well. Just to be sure what was going on before he ordered another part, he returned the wiring to its pre-recall configuration, and the refrigerator kicked on. Now we’re waiting for a refrigerator part as well as generator parts, but with more hope for a good outcome on this one.

Next, David asked Scott to take a look at the fresh water tank which refused to hold water when David tried to sanitize it. That turned out to be a REALLY easy fix accomplished by simply tightening a fitting. The trick was knowing which fitting to tighten and how to get there, and since Scott knew both tricks, we were happy with the results.

The guys spent a little more time on some smaller items on David’s to-do list with mixedContract: MD
Park: 380515
Site: 501 results. Some were fixed immediately, and some require a return visit after yet more elusive parts are ordered and received. While we wait, David is getting anxious to take the Eagle out on a test run. We wouldn’t go far – just to the Thousand Trails in Point and just long enough to check for problems that might only show up in an actual camping situation. What might make that little jaunt even more interesting is our furry little friend who has never been on the road with us. I foresee some interesting writing material in my future. I’ll let you know.



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