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Published in the Rains County Leader on January 15, 2019:

blanketOne of my favorite Christmas presents this year is a blanket or, more accurately, a throw. The love seat where I usually sit in the living room is in one of the colder spots in the house, and I always have an afghan or other cover within reach in case of a sudden chill. Kitty has a fondness for warm covers, but she generally prefers them to be neatly folded and on the end of the couch where David sits – until now, that is.

The new throw was given to me by Pastor Jason, my soon-to-be ex-boss, and his wife Stacy. They said I might need it to keep me warm while I spend my free time either reading or writing a book. It’s microfiber with a soft plush finish on one side and a woolly look on the other, and it’s very warm.

Kitty didn’t pay any attention to it at first, so I had it all to myself until one night last week. I couldn’t sleep, so I went into the living room to read. Kitty followed me and made the rounds of her usual roosting spots, looking out the windows into the darkened yard to be sure there were no intruders. Satisfied that her kingdom was safe, she came over to see what I was doing. She sniffed my book and rubbed her whiskers against the edges until she lost interest. Then, she discovered the blanket.

The throw is fairly wide, and the excess was spread on the seat beside me. Kitty had been standing on my legs, and when she decided to move to the empty spot, she reached out a tentative paw to test the unfamiliar surface. She patted it with one foot, and then stepped down with both feet – and she began to purr, something she rarely does. She lay down, closed her eyes and began to knead the blanket. She was soon fast asleep, and she stayed there until my eyes grew tired and I went back to bed.

It was nice having her on my side of the living room instead of with David, so the next kitty with an attitudenight I enticed her with the blanket. It worked, and she spent a good bit of the evening with me. Then, Saturday afternoon during the football games, the balance of power shifted. The house was warmer, and the blanket was lying in a pile beside me, woolly side up. Before I realized what was happening, Kitty was snuggled into her newfound nest with a look of triumph on her face. I took a picture of her and posted it on Facebook, and here are some of the comments:

Candis: She has attitude in those eyes!

Linda: Yes she does. I think she was saying “Would you be still and get that camera out of my face!”

Tim: SERIOUS attitude! The look of a Queen, not wanting to be disturbed!

Candis: I’m thinking that’s Kitty’s blanket, not yours.

Linda: Yep!

Candis: It’s a good thing you know when to surrender.

I enjoyed the friendly banter with my friends, but I didn’t take it too seriously until Sunday afternoon. We were watching football again, and I was working on my columns for the paper, but Kitty had her own agenda. She is usually very polite and jumps over me or walks around; Sunday she walked right across my keyboard. A moment later she returned by the same route, and she continued her periodic treks for the next few minutes until I finally realized what she wanted.

kitty on her blanket 011319I had the throw wrapped around my legs, and there was no excess for her bed. I untucked an edge and spread it out for her, and she lay down for a few minutes. It still wasn’t what she wanted, though, and she was still restless. I gave up and gave her the blanket, woolly side





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