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Published in the Rains County Leader on February 12, 2019:

Cats acting strangeKitty has been in a strange mood for the last several weeks. I know you’re thinking How could you tell? – and that’s a valid question. Let’s just say her behavior has been a different kind of strange.

I’m not sure what put her into her latest tail spin, but I have a couple of ideas. A week or so ago, we were getting ready for bed, and I heard an unfamiliar noise coming from the kitchen.

“That sounded like Kitty jumping on top of the cabinets,” I said to David. He agreed, so I went to the kitchen to investigate. Sure enough, there she was, staring down at me from the cabinet above the refrigerator. I retrieved the squirt bottle and proceeded to try and convince her of the error of her ways. By the time she made it back to the floor, she was pretty wet, and I didn’t see much of her for the next few days.

She also had a small run-in with David over whether or not she was going out the back door in front of him. She’s pretty quick, but his legs are longer, so he managed to grab her before she got away. He ended up with several scratches on his hands, but she ended up back in the house, so after that she was mad at both of us. She spent most of her time for several days in the bedroom on top of the laundry basket or the cedar chest.

I really believe, though, that the main cause of her ill humor was the stray cats that haveGroupo of lions been hanging around the house this week – lots of stray cats. I don’t know what the sudden attraction was, but we’ve seen several strays in the yard. One morning three of them were lined up on the ground in front of the dining room window, staring in as if to say Can Kitty come out and play? One of them even came up on the back porch to issue a personal invitation, but Kitty was not impressed with the invasion of her territory.

The morning we had thunder storms, a cat who was afraid of the noise hid out on the front porch for a while, wailing at the top of his lungs. Kitty spent the next two days patrolling from one window to another, making sure her house was safe from intruders.

I haven’t seen any extra cats in the last several days, and Saturday, Kitty seemed to emerge from her self-imposed solitary confinement. She had been making a quick appearance each night to get her bedtime snack, but Saturday, she hung around in the bathroom while I brushed my teeth and acted halfway friendly when I doled out her treats.

Cat on headIn the wee hours of Sunday morning, I woke up to find her sitting with her weight equally distributed between the headboard, my pillow, and my face. I wasn’t thrilled with her seating choice, but at least she wasn’t ignoring me. I moved around until she went in search of a more comfortable perch, but later in the morning, she came back and snuggled up against my stomach.

Of course, it could be the colder weather that has drawn her back to us. Sunday afternoon I wasn’t using “her” blanket, and she spent the afternoon napping on it with her paws resting on my arm. She didn’t want David to feel left out, so she spent a little time with him on the couch, too.

So it would seem that Kitty is back to her normal place in the family – at least until the next time something upsets her little feline apple cart. It’s frustrating at times, but without her I’d have much less to write about.



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  1. Juliette has spent several nights in the shop when it was really cold. She was always ready to shoot out the door when I came in. Last night she got in when I didn’t know it but fortunately she did not go walking through my paintings.

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