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Published in the Rains County Leader on May 18, 2021:

From a different event, but the one from the Expo had my thumb in it!

East Tawakoni held their first Arts & Crafts Expo on Saturday, and I was one of about fifteen vendors. Since there were no assigned spaces, I planned to get there well before the 9:00 am opening to get a prime spot. Apparently, I didn’t plan well enough, because I was almost the last one to arrive.

I parked and scouted the area before unloading. There were two rows of spaces facing each other, and when I saw an open one between two vendors, I asked if the spot was available. I was told no, that I needed to go to the end of the row. I sighed and trudged back to my car, not looking forward to the long walk carrying my table. It’s not heavy, but it’s awkward. It folds in the middle and has a carry handle, but when you’re height challenged you have to hold your arm in an uncomfortable position to keep from dragging the ground.

Then I noticed that other vendors had parked behind their booths. Even if I had to move my car after set-up, the ease of unloading would be worth it. The table went up easily, and while I was putting the finishing touches on my display, I looked around to see who my neighbors were. To my right was Sadie’s Place Animal Rescue with two beautiful, well-behaved rescue dogs, and directly across from me was My Favorite Day Dog Rescue with several cages of small dogs and a pen full of raucous black puppies. To top it off, a Kona Ice truck pulled in and parked to my left across the walkway so it could be seen from the front. I knew then that I had landed a prime spot after all. Everyone in attendance would be coming in our direction to ooh and aah over the puppies or to get a cool treat – or both.

Throughout the day, I visited with the two ladies from Sadie’s Place. They shared their sunscreen with me, and they watched my table when I needed to take a break. I’m embarrassed to say that I remember Alicia but have forgotten her sister’s name, but I remember the names of their two rescue dogs and their stories.

Lottie is a beautiful golden Labrador mix who is probably five or six years old. Here is her story as told on the shelter’s Facebook page: “I’ve been hanging out at FM 2737 and 1605 for a couple of days but the storms scare me. A nice lady called Sadie’s Place Animal Rescue and they picked me up and gave me food and water. I heard that I’m really sweet and calm, like to walk on a leash, and load up for rides real easy. Looks like I’m going tomorrow to see the vet to check for something called a “chip.” If you know my family or me, call this nice guy ‘cause I want to go home.” Lottie doesn’t have a chip, and she has a collar but no tags. If no one claims her soon, she will be looking for a forever home.

Both dogs from Sadie’s place were in pen’s with tent-like roofs for shade, and Annie was next to my booth. Annie is a black Labrador mix and was born at the shelter shortly after her pregnant mother was brought in six or seven years ago. This was her first public appearance at an event like this, so she was a little nervous. She soon learned that most people approached from the front, so she stayed close to the back of her pen. Some people came around anyway, but when they reached through the wire, she didn’t snarl or snap – but she looked at Alicia for reassurance. She has been spayed, she walks well on a leash, and she seems to enjoy riding in the truck. She has bonded with Alicia, but Alicia isn’t always around, so Annie needs a home where people can love on her all the time.

The puppies at New Favorite Day Dog Rescue were much more lively – and much more noisy – than Annie and Lottie! The small cages contained one or two puppies, and these were pretty low key. But the pen held six or eight pups who looked to be several months old. When anyone approached their pen, or when anyone approached Lottie or Annie, the litter sounded as if they had treed a fox. They barked and yelped and climbed on top of one another trying to be the one to be petted or maybe the one to be adopted.

Sadie’s Place Animal Rescue is a Christian-based rescue dedicated to caring for homeless pets in our communities through adoptions, cruelty investigations, community awareness, fostering and caring for companion animals until loving homes can be found. They are located in Lone Oak and can be reached at 903-662-8215 or Alicia@sadiesplacerescue.org. You can also see some of their other residents or find out how to volunteer or donate at https://www.facebook.com/SadiesPlaceRescue. Their website is under construction at http://sadiesplacerescue.org/.

The mission of New Favorite Day Dog Rescue is to provide love and shelter to dogs awaiting their forever family. Until that time, they are instrumental in bringing joy to the schools, nursing homes, and the community as a whole. They are located in Emory, and you can reach them at 903-474-1408 or adoptions@newfavoriteday.org. You can also visit them at https://www.newfavoriteday.org/ and https://www.facebook.com/NFDRescue.

I enjoyed getting to know Lottie and Annie – they’re pretty laid back like me. But I also enjoyed watching and listening to the antics of the puppies. Rescue can apparently be a noisy business – sometimes it takes lots of barking to find that one special forever friend.



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