On caregivers, faith, family, and writing…

Book #3 is nearing completion. If you haven’t read the first two, if someone on your gift list hasn’t read them, or if you just want to read them again yourself, now is the time. Tatia’s Tattoo and Fallen Angel Salvage will be available in ebook for just $.99 from November 25 through December 1. Don’t miss out!

Tatia’s Tattoo, Book #1:

As a successful D.C. lawyer, Tatia’s mission in life was to destroy the sex trafficking trade in small-town America. She knew where to find it. She’d been there. With only apathetic foster parents to protect her, she fell prey to the local pimp. Trapped in the sordid underbelly of a small Texas town, she survived by sheer will. Her friendship with her fellow victim Cindy was the only light of humanity in the darkness until she saw a familiar face. Would Mrs. G, a mama bear of an attorney, still think she had strength and potential? Would Jesse, the young Christian tattoo artist and biker, still look at her with a twinkle in his eyes? Or would they both see only the mark of shame Eric had etched onto her forearm?

Fallen Angel, Book #2:

He ruined her life once; will he do it again?

Tatia and Jesse have a perfect life in Chicago. Her testimony put Eric in prison in Texas twenty years ago. How could anything go wrong?

A mysterious envelope invades their home with news of a trafficker’s parole, and a handwritten note asks the ominous question: Is Joy as brave as her mother?

An old black van. A missing child. Tatia and Jesse race through the city streets with a band of bikers while Johnny and Jade dig through the dark web and Detectives Nelson and Martin pound on doors.

Will it be enough? Or will Joy become another statistic?

Salvaged, Book #3:

Tatia’s family is recovering from Joy’s dramatic rescue when their quiet Sunday afternoon is interrupted by the doorbell. Madison collapses into Joy’s arms, bruised and trembling with symptoms of withdrawal. Who is this mysterious girl whose phone call saved Joy from kidnappers and traffickers? And why is a Chicago crime boss looking for her?



Kitty’s Story

Fallen Angel Salvage

Tatia’s Tattoo

Mom’s Long Goodbye

A Long and Winding Road

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