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Does Government Assistance Discourage Private Charity? | by Linda Brendle

Jim Robinson

A couple of months ago my brother, the Reverend Doctor Jim Robinson, posted a blog titled “Hard Work vs. Government Assistance.” It was well-written and thought-provoking, but I thought it was incomplete.

In the interest of full disclosure, I have to tell you that my brother and I love each other, but we fall on opposite sides of the political fence. He is as liberal as I am conservative; however, we’re both reasonable adults, and we’ve learned to discuss our differences in a civilized manner. In fact, he has a passion for civility, and his blog is “dedicated to hearing ‘both side’ of any issue.” But in this particular post, I think he failed to take into consideration that some issues have more than two sides. I think this is particularly relevant in issues involving caring for those I call “the least of these.” (more…)

Providing for the Least of These | by Linda Brendle

A sure way to start a riot on Facebook is to post a political comment. Nobody agrees on anything political with the exception of the national debt: that it has reached critical mass and that we have to stop spending money we don’t have. Ideas vary widely as to where cuts should be made: the military budget, tax advantages, entitlement programs. Some of the cuts will come after the elections, but some of them are happening right now, and some of them are happening right here in Emory, Texas. The media pundits throw around lots of impersonal words when addressing this issue, but it’s harder to talk about when there’s a face attached to the cut. (more…)

And Now For Something Completely Different | by Linda Brendle

On Tuesday I published a post called Enlarging My Territory.  In it I mentioned that I have submitted several articles to Red Letter Christians, “a blog by Tony Campolo & friends.” (more…)

Medicare Saga – Part Three: Medicare or Matrix | by Linda Brendle

I’ve been writing about my Medicare experiences the last couple of days, about the feelings and response when I received my card  and about the confusion and decisions involved in choosing coverage. But the real experiences came the last couple of weeks when I used my cards for the first time. (more…)

How Much More Is Enough | by Linda Brendle

One of the disadvantages of country living is the lack of services. We have city water and electricity, but we have a septic tank instead of city sewer service. We don’t have cable, so the only way we can get TV reception is with a satellite dish. And then there’s Internet service, or rather, there’s not. The choices are dial-up, which for anyone who spends any time on-line is no choice at all, or satellite, which everyone we know who has tried it, hates. So we’re left with going to the library to use their WiFi or using a wireless card. (more…)

Confessions of an Ingrate | by Linda Brendle

In December, I wrote a post called “Confessions of a Book Junkie” about my lifelong love of books. After reading about my way of keeping track of the books I’ve read and the books I want to read, my cousin commented that perhaps I was a list junkie as well. Earlier this month I wrote a post titled “I’m Addicted,” and my son said it might be more aptly titled “Confessions of a Co-Dependent.” And my brother, after reading some of my comments on Christian’s posts, said he thought I might be a closet liberal. Maybe my next book should be titled “Confessions of…” Saturday I added another confession to the list. (more…)

Why I’m Not a Millionaire | by David Brendle

I have a guest blogger today. On the way to lunch, my husband David shared with me that he was writing a piece on his favorite subject, money. When he admitted that he didn’t have any real plans for it once he was finished, I offered him a guest spot here. So here are some of his (and Garfield’s) thoughts on finances. (more…)

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