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Top Ten Ways to Know You’re Getting Old | by Linda Brendle

Last month, I wrote a post called When Does One Become “Elderly. It was a rather scholarly work, or as scholarly as I get, with references from both the regular and medical sections of Free Dictionary, Geriatrics Gerontology International, and the World Health Organization. But, a few things have happened lately that have made me realize there are much easier ways to tell when you’re getting old. Here are a few of them: (more…)

Senior Humor – Edition 11 | by Linda Brendle

It’s just a few days until the election, and I thought we all needed a little break.

An older woman went into a store to buy curtains.

She approached the salesman and said, “I want those pink curtains in the display, but I need them customized to fit my computer screen.”

“Ma’am,” said the salesman, “I’ve worked here for 20 years, and I’ve never had a request like that. Why do you need curtains for your computer?” (more…)

Who Will Care for Her? | by Linda Brendle

Like most of America, I’ve been watching the coverage of Sandy for the last two days. My thoughts and prayers are with those who have been affected, and I breathe a sigh of relief with each new Facebook post saying that another friend is safe. There are so many images of unimaginable destruction and loss, but one in particular has stuck with me. (more…)

When Does One Become “Elderly” | by Linda Brendle

We recently got a new neighbor. He’s in his early 30’s, and he’s been helping David cut down and dispose of some dead trees in the back part of the lot. I didn’t think much about it at the time, but then I began to wonder. Was he simply being a good neighbor, returning some of the help he has received from us and others in the neighborhood, or was he helping out his elderly neighbors? (more…)

Senior Humor – Edition 10 | by Linda Brendle

After ten days of focusing on the warning signs of Alzheimer’s, I decided it was time to lighten the mood a bit.

Grandma decided to put a jigsaw puzzle together, so she grabbed the box and poured the pieces out on the table. After a while, she began to get frustrated and called Grandpa.

“George, can you come in here and give me a hand.” (more…)

Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s – Part 10 of 10 | by Linda Brendle

As I typed “Part 10 of 10,” I felt a little like Johnny Carson as Carnac the Magnificent saying, “I hold in my hand the last envelope.” Unlike his audience, I hope my readers aren’t clapping and hurrahing at the end of a long, tedious series.

The last warning sign is changes in mood and personality. All of us, especially as we get older, develop specific ways of doing things, and we sometimes become irritable when a routine is disrupted. Once again, Alzheimer’s may cause people to carry this irritation to extremes: (more…)

Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s – Part 9 of 10 | by Linda Brendle

We all sometimes leave an old hobby for a while to try something new, and we all sometimes get tired of work, family and social obligations. But someone with Alzheimer’s may exhibit more extreme signs of withdrawal from social, family and work activities: (more…)

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