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Birthdays and Engagement Rings | by Linda Brendle

Today is David’s 64th birthday. It’s also the 12th anniversary of the day he gave me my engagement ring.

I met David in the fall of 1999 through a Yahoo personal ad. It’s a long story, and you can read the whole thing in my book if and when it gets published. For now, I’m including a short excerpt about dependability. (more…)

Car Shuffle Hop | by Linda Brendle

The other day I was talking to a friend whose husband is out of work. He’s looking, but with kids in school, her job, and only one car, it’s really difficult. It took me back a few years, or a few decades, or half a century to when I got my first job and the car shuffle hop began. (more…)

Why I’m Not a Millionaire | by David Brendle

I have a guest blogger today. On the way to lunch, my husband David shared with me that he was writing a piece on his favorite subject, money. When he admitted that he didn’t have any real plans for it once he was finished, I offered him a guest spot here. So here are some of his (and Garfield’s) thoughts on finances. (more…)

Standing Tall | by Linda Brendle

Charles Attaway died October 22 and was buried October 25. I wrote this post the following week and submitted it to women’s site. I haven’t heard back from them, and tomorrow is his wife’s birthday, so Penny, this one’s for you. (more…)

Beginnings and Endings | by Linda Brendle

Elmer Helen Dean Fay

Tomorrow is Mom and Dad’s 71st anniversary. In honor of the occasion, I’m posting a couple of excerpts from some of my previous writings. The first selection is from my book, A Long and Winding Road, RVing with Mom and Dad, and talks about the beginning of their love affair. The second is from a blog post titled Daddy’s Legacy that I posted on July 20 and tells about their last days together.


Don’t Give Me That

Everybody likes to get gifts, right? Not always. There was a Christmas twenty plus years ago when I turned down what would probably have been the nicest gift under my tree that year. (more…)

Getting Old Is Not For Sissies

Christian recently blogged about the agonies of turning 40, and being the understanding mother that I am, I commented that getting old is not for sissies. David and I had an up close and personal experience with that yesterday. (more…)

What Will the Neighbors Think?

I cut David’s hair yesterday. He tried several times during the week to get it cut, but there was always a line, and he doesn’t like to wait. While we were brushing our teeth, I took a look at his curling locks and made him an offer. (more…)

It’s a Man’s Job

David and I have a mixture of old-fashioned and up-to-date ideas about roles in our marriage. We believe in the Apostle Paul’s teaching that the husband is the spiritual head of the family, but we also believe the teaching is based on mutual respect and mutual submission rather than a master/slave relationship. (more…)

Daddy’s Legacy

Daddy was a simple man. I don’t mean that he wasn’t smart. Quite the opposite. He was valedictorian of his high school graduating class, and he was great at helping me with my homework. He could figure out how to fix or build anything. When he worked for the Post Office, he could quote the manual verbatim and knew (more…)

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