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A Short but Serious Quiz: Are You a Caregiver | by Linda Brendle

I’ve done several posts about how to know if you’re a caregiver. Several are humorous top ten lists (here and here), and one is a video by Jeff Foxworthy. Today’s post is on the more serious side.

Last week I received an e-mail from Sacha Evans of The Advertising Council. The Council is involved in a Caregiver Assistance campaign with AARP. Here’s an excerpt from her e-mail explaining why such a campaign is needed: (more…)

Put Your Oxygen Mask On First | by Linda Brendle

Becoming a caregiver is not something most of us plan for, go to school for, or train for. When I became a full-time caregiver, I had no idea of how to do it well or how to deal with the difficulties I encountered. I expected to find lots of help in Florida where the population is decidedly on the gray side. Although I found a few sources, websites were confusing and hard to negotiate, and agencies were even more confusing and difficult. What I really wanted was to sit with experienced caregivers who could tell me what to do. I talked with the counseling pastor at my church, and as often happens when you point out a need, he agreed and suggested that I start a group. The short version is that after much thought, prayer, and the agreement of another couple to partner with us, David and I became facilitators of a caregivers’ support group. Following are my opening remarks from our first meeting: (more…)

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