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Yes, we’re hooked | by Linda Brendle

Pretty Kitty 062015Last week I wrote about the kitten we had adopted a few days before, or more accurately, the kitten who had adopted us. I ended by saying she had managed to climb the first two of six steps to our back porch, and I wondered how long it would take her to make it all the way up and, from there, into the house. It didn’t take long. (more…)

Taking In Strays | by Linda Brendle

Kitty 061515June is Adopt a Cat Month – so we did. Truthfully, I’m not sure who adopted who, but I’m getting ahead of my story.

Last week David and I were working in the back yard when I heard a noise I didn’t recognize. My country education has progressed to the point that I can identify the barking of a squirrel and the cry of a hawk, but this sound was a new one.

“David, is that a bird of some kind, or is there a cat around here somewhere?” (more…)

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