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A Fearless Caregiver Sometimes Has to Say No | by Linda Brendle

MomandDadIn the past I haven’t taken part in the many contests available for writers, but earlier this week I received an e-mail from an Internet friend about a “Fearless Caregiver” contest. Winning entries will be printed in Today’s Caregiver, and my interest was piqued. I checked out the website, and decided to enter. Following is my entry:

During my 15 years as a family caregiver for Mom and Dad, both of whom had Alzheimer’s, I faced doctors, insurance companies, and government bureaucrats without fear. But when it came time to say no to my parents, I became a trembling child again. Two of the hardest confrontations arose over medication and the car keys. (more…)

Be Creative but Wary when Planning Activities for Alzheimer’s Patients | by Linda Brendle

Mom and me.

Mom and me.

When trying to decide what to write about this morning, I pulled out my “Sources” file and looked for ideas. After 300+ blog posts, it’s sometimes a challenge to come up with something new and fresh. There’s a new game on Facebook involving a list of things your friends might not know about you. I considered writing something like that, but at this point, anything I haven’t already written about myself is probably something I don’t want to reveal, so I went back to the file.


One item that caught my eye was an article on the Alzheimer’s Association website called “101 Activities.” It offers simple suggestions of things to do with your Alzheimer’ patient like listening to music, coloring a picture, or tossing a ball. There is no further explanation and no warning of how these simple activities might backfire. However, as you might imagine, I have a couple of tales that might give a caregiver pause before engaging in some of the activities. (more…)

Things an Alzheimer Caregiver Shouldn’t Say – and Things They Should | by Linda Brendle

ConfusedCommunicating with an Alzheimer or dementia patient is one of the most frustrating parts of caring for them. Following are a few suggestions of things to say and not to say based on my own experience. Do you have other suggestions? (more…)

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