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Advice on First Drafts | by Linda Brendle

The Beauty of Writing

This quote reminds me of the best advice I read when I was working on my memoir. It came from Anne Lamott’s book, “Bird by Bird.” Basically, she said to put your rear end in your chair and write. She advised you to let yourself write a terrible first draft. The second draft would be better, and eventually you would have created something wonderful that didn’t exist until you wrote it. Before I read her book, it took me days to write a single blog post. I read and re-read what I had written after almost every sentence, micro-editing and second guessing myself. Now I write until I’ve finished a particular article or chapter, and then I go back and edit. It’s amazing how well my ideas come together if I stop obsessing on perfection and just write.


First DraftsAnother good piece of advice came from the website of Terri Blackstock, one of my favorite Christian authors. She said, “Don’t get it right. Get it written.” I copied that quote onto a sticky note and put it on my monitor. During those moments when I found myself staring at the screen, struggling to find the perfect word or phrase, I would stop and read her words. Then, I would put my hands back on the keyboard and write.



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