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Celebrating Life | by Linda Brendle

Published in the Rains County Leader on October 17, 2017:

Celebrating LifeCelebrating Life, the title of this article, is an accurate description of how I spent this past weekend. In a period of forty-eight hours, I attended a gender reveal, a tenth birthday party, a wedding shower, and a memorial service. Each celebration was very different, but each one marked the importance of an event that most of us experience during our time on this earth.

The gender reveal was my first. I’ve seen pictures of them on Facebook had never gender-reveal-striped-boxattended one until Saturday. When I had my son, the gender reveal came in the delivery room when the doctor declared, “It’s a boy!” Medical advances have allowed earlier announcements, and the process has evolved.

This recent reveal was done at a family fish fry. During lunch, young cousins of some designation made the rounds, taking an opinion poll of the gender of the cousin-in-utero and applying Team Pink or Team Blue stickers as appropriate. I was on Team Pink, and David was on Team Blue in the gender reveal game, but in the game of life, we’re both on Team Brendle!  (more…)

Happy Birthday, Aunt Fay! | by Linda Brendle

Published in the Rains County Leader on January 19, 2016:

Fays Birthday CakeWednesday, January 20 was my Aunt Fay’s 92nd birthday. Anyone who has read much of my writing, especially my book, knows that Aunt Fay is my mother’s younger sister. Since she was married to my dad’s brother, and since we lived within a few miles of them for most of my childhood, she has been a big part of my life. This was especially true after I became a caregiver. I leaned heavily on her experience in caring for her mother and her husband and even more heavily on her strength and her faith. (more…)

Celebrating Christian Piatt – Again! |by Linda Brendle

Christians first birthday

Last year on October 7, I wrote about the day Christian was born. This year, I thought I’d tell you about his first birthday.

We didn’t have a big blowout on his big day–no clowns or ponies or giant mice serving pizza–just four adoring adults celebrating the new life that had come into our family twelve months before. His dad and I drove down to Mom and Dad’s weekend retreat at Cedar Creek Lake for the weekend, and we had a party for five. Instead of a traditional cake, I made cupcakes. I inverted ice cream cones over the batter so the cakes would rise into them. The idea was that the cone would provide a clean and easy way for a one-year-old boy to eat his cake. As you can see, he had other ideas.

His presents were simple ones. He received a couple of toys he could push or pull as he practiced his newly acquired walking skills. He also got a Busy Bath which we put to good use once he was finished smearing cake and frosting all over himself.

Christian, even though their memories of you got lost in the dementia,Mom and Dad adored you to the end. As for me, I still consider being you mom as one of the greatest blessings of my life.

Happy Birthday,


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Royal Family Kids Camp: Happy Birthday to Everybody! | by Linda Brendle

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(NOTE: This is a continuation of a series about my week as a counselor at Royal Family Kids Camp, a camp for foster children, most of whom have been the victim of some kind of abuse. To read what has gone before, see the links at the bottom of this post.)




Chapel and dinner were accompanied by some acting out and personal issues. Sue pouted when I wouldn’t allow her to work on her keychain lanyard while everyone else was singing. And at dinner Jane struggled to stop when she was satisfied rather than continuing to eat until she felt sick. By this time of day, everyone was beginning to tire, and I had come to expect a few problems. But spirits and energy levels were lifted by the balloons and birthday napkins in the dining hall, the cupcakes on the dinner plates, and the party preparations that were going on in the field between the pool and the Chapel. (more…)

Royal Family Kids Camp: Say “Yes” to the Dress | by Linda Brendle

RFKCA Visitor

Wednesday morning my throbbing ankle woke me early, but with a lot of prayer and a little determination, it’s amazing what you can do on one foot. I was sitting in a relatively quiet corner, dressed and contemplating the long walk to the dining hall, when one of the girls came running breathlessly down the hall.

“Miss Linda, there’s a MAN asking for you!” (more…)

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