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Numbering My Days | by Linda Brendle

This is a post I wrote in 2011. In honor of my recent change in age, I thought I’d share it:

Birthday-Cake-Lots of CandlesI’ve been thinking more about days lately and less about months or years. Maybe it’s because Mom’s ninetieth birthday is coming up. When you’re ten or twenty years old, being ninety is something you can’t imagine, but when you’re next birthday will bring a Medicare card, imagining it is a little easier. Realizing that your days are numbered and that number is dwindling makes you look at them a little differently. (more…)


Happy Birthday, Aunt Fay! | by Linda Brendle

Published in the Rains County Leader on January 19, 2016:

Fays Birthday CakeWednesday, January 20 was my Aunt Fay’s 92nd birthday. Anyone who has read much of my writing, especially my book, knows that Aunt Fay is my mother’s younger sister. Since she was married to my dad’s brother, and since we lived within a few miles of them for most of my childhood, she has been a big part of my life. This was especially true after I became a caregiver. I leaned heavily on her experience in caring for her mother and her husband and even more heavily on her strength and her faith. (more…)

Photo Memories of Mom’s 90th Birthday | by Linda Brendle

Mom was born 94 years ago today. On her last birthday this side of Heaven we had a birthday party for her, and the following year, I shared some of the pictures with you. I’ve been thinking about her a lot lately, so I thought I’d share them again. (more…)

Ten ways to know you’re getting older | by Linda Brendle

100_year_old_woman_birthday_cakeThe most obvious way to know you’re getting older is to have another birthday. I had one a couple of  weeks ago, and since it was impossible to ignore the event, I decided to embrace it in typical blogger fashion. Following are ten additional ways to know you are getting older. (more…)

Baby Picture of Christian | by Linda Brendle

I posted a piece this morning about Christian’s birthday, but it was incomplete. I wanted to include an early picture of the birthday boy, but I sent a lot of his baby pictures to Colorado to be used in a slide show for his and Amy’s wedding, and between their moves and mine, they have disappeared. Any that are left are slowly warping and fading in a box in our storage shed. But my wonderful sister-in-law Jo Lynn, the family photographer and historian, went through her files and sent this to me a few minutes ago. I don’t know exactly what day this was taken, but he still has his hospital bracelet on, so he was just a few days old. (more…)

Happy Birthday, Christian | by Linda Brendle

Christian Piatt

Christian Piatt

I became a mother 42 years ago today. It was something I had wanted since I was a little girl and, even when it was hard and when I had no clue what I was doing, I never regretted it.

Christian was born 4 ½ years after his father and I were married, but he was planned long before that. For years I crocheted blankets, sweaters, and booties; I embroidered bibs and baby blankets; and I filled a huge jar with pennies that were eventually used to buy his crib. His first name was chosen several years before he was born when Andy Williams introduced his new son Christian on his Christmas special. I chose Damien as his middle name while I was pregnant, and he has spent his entire life explaining that he was named after the priest in The Exorcist and not the satanic Damian, the movie that came along several years after he did. (more…)

Is It Live or Is It Memorex | by Linda Brendle

media_memorex_cass_1974-212x300Yesterday was my birthday, and if you remember the commercial quoted in the title of this post, you’re like me, older than dirt. But I don’t want to talk about age today. I want to talk about birthday greetings. I got a LOT. I got two cards in the mail, I got lots of face-to-face wishes and hugs at the Senior Center, and I got a phone call from my sweet friend Mary. Everything else was electronic. My question is, were the electronic greetings live or Memorex? (more…)

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