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How caregivers keep a marriage strong | by Linda Brendle

Today I am the guest of Kayelle Allen on her amazing site called Romance Lives Forever. Click on the link below and read my post titled “How caregivers keep a marriage strong.”





Check out the Anniversary Edition!


Who Knew There Were So Many Smelly People | by Linda Brendle

I’ve been doing some pretty serious stuff lately. My post of March 11 was about getting ready to say good-bye to my mom. The one on March 17  was a little more light-hearted, but it dealt with the same subject. Since then I’ve been working on media connections trying to broaden my readership base. It’s not my favorite part of being an author, but it makes my agent Terrie  happy. Another thing that would make my agent happy would be for me to complete the biography form she sent me a couple of days ago. The basic contact, education, and work history stuff was pretty easy, but when I got down to the questions like what sets your book apart from others of its genre or what are the strongest selling points of your book, it got to be a lot like work. By the time I got around to thinking about another post, my brain was pretty well frazzled, so I played Mahjongg Solitaire instead. Then I checked my stats one more time and noticed something totally weird, so I thought I’d share a little absurdity with you. (more…)

10,000 Views Celebration | by Linda Brendle

Woohoo! 10,000 Views!

I passed 10,000 views on my blog yesterday. I thought I was going to hit it a couple of weeks ago, but the traffic dropped off a bit. Waiting for those last 200 was like watching the clock on the wall of your last class on the last day of school. It was also a bit like watching your odometer as it approaches that 100,000 mark. I wanted to see it happen, but I looked away for a few minutes and missed it. There were no balloons or streamers or anything, but it was exciting anyway, so I thought I’d have my own little celebration by looking back on what’s happened in the last seven months. (more…)

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