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Granddaughters, Broken Hearts, and Good Friday | by Linda Brendle

Broken HeartMy granddaughter Zoe spends more time thinking about spiritual matters then the typical six year old, but having a mother who is a minister and a father who is a Christian author has informed her theology at a young age. Three years ago, when asked what God looks like, she answered, She has a big, beautiful face.  She also announced that Jesus likes birthday parties, and after a Good Friday service she said that her heart broke into two pieces for Jesus. I hated the thought of her feeling so sad, but the fact is that broken hearts are a part of life. (more…)

Granddaughters, Broken Hearts, and the Resurrection | by Linda Brendle

After Good Friday services my son Christian posted the following note on his Facebook page:

Little Zoe told us that her heart broke into two pieces for Jesus at church tonight. (more…)

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