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The Bureaucratic Saga – Part Three | by Linda Brendle

I now have a Texas driver’s license. Not so for David. If you’ve not been following the licensing fiasco, read my posts from February 22 and February 29. Let’s just say that he’s spent the last two weeks trying to work his way through the red tape with the goal of securing his Texas license. (more…)

The Bureaucratic Saga Continues | by Linda Brendle

Last week I published a post about David’s adventure through the bureaucracy required to get a Texas driver’s license in place of his Florida license. All the talk about driver’s licenses reminded me of several stories about the subject. (more…)

Stop the Bureaucracy, I Want to Get Off | by Linda Brendle

Getting the proper documentation to operate a vehicle can be a delicate dance through the red tape. When we moved back to Texas from Florida last year, we debated about what to do about our driver’s licenses and vehicle registrations. We signed up with Good Sam’s after we got our RV and took several extended trips. Good Sam’s is a travel club that offers special services for frequent travelers including mail forwarding. They assign you a personal mailbox, and when you’re on the road, you have your mail forwarded to them. When you stop somewhere for a few days, you let them know where you are, and they send the mail on to you. Full time RVers use their mailbox as a permanent address. When we left Florida, our plan was to spend a lot of time on the road, so we left our registrations in Florida. (more…)

Death Is Not a Simple Business

Dad died on May 13. His death was fairly simple. He had a massive stroke, and a few days later he stopped breathing. The business of death, however, is another story. Over three months later my brother and I are still dealing with paperwork.

There was a time when a loved one died, was laid out on the dining room table for the wake, and was buried under an oak tree in the back forty. (more…)

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