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Kitty and Her Elephant | by Linda Brendle

Published in the Rains County Leader on August 2, 2021:

Kitty has a collection of toys, most of which remain stashed in a lower section of her “condo” where I put them to avoid sucking them up in the vacuum cleaner. Occasionally, she’ll find a stray jingle ball and play a game of feline soccer, but these bursts of activity are short-lived and usually followed by a long nap. The one exception is her elephant. It is a three-inch square pillow made of yellow felt with two side flaps, a two-inch cord, and a small stuffed tube representing ears, a tail, and a trunk respectively.

The elephant received a cool reception when he first arrived on the scene several Christmases ago. The leopard-spotted fish was the reigning favorite at the time, but when it went missing under a piece of furniture or behind an appliance, the elephant took its place. Fame is fleeting, though, and when a new blue lamé fish appeared, the elephant was pushed aside.

The new fish was attached to a two-foot stick by an elastic cord, and Kitty sometimes enjoyed chasing it around when David or I bounced it in front of her. However, the #1 game was walking back and forth through the house with the fish in her mouth and the stick trailing along behind, especially through the kitchen. At least we knew she was coming when we heard the stick dragging across the ceramic tile. The stick also made it harder for the fish to hide under or behind things, but apparently it jumped off the bed into the crevice between the footboard and the cedar chest once too often. Disgrace followed, and the elephant reappeared.


Kitty Trouble | by Linda Brendle

Published in the Rains County Leader on August 16, 2016:

cats-vaccination-orangeBeing a cat is not all kibble and naps. Kitty has had a difficult week. Her troubles started on Wednesday when David took her in for her annual shots.

We’ve taken her to the Emory Veterinary Clinic a couple of times, and we really like the people and the treatment she receives there. However, since Medicare doesn’t cover cats, we needed a cheaper alternative. When the time came for Kitty to be spayed, we found the Animal Protection League in Sulphur Springs. It wasn’t as convenient as the local clinic, but it was much less expensive, so that’s where David took her on Wednesday. (more…)

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