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Book Review: Pig and Sheep by Mike Breen

CoverPig and Sheep Mike Breen is a delightful picture book that will entertain children of all ages while offering a message of grace and hope. Little Pig is happy living in the grand pigsty, eating slops and playing in the mud, until he sees the sheep on the beautiful, green hillside under the loving care of the Shepherd. He longs to share their peaceful life, but he doesn’t believe it is possible. Imagine his delight when the Shepherd performs a “heart transplant” and makes him one of his own. Little Pig is happy in his new life, but one day temptation gets the better of him, and he ends up back in the gooey garbage of the pigsty. Even then, the Shepherd seeks him out, cleans him up, and restores him to the flock. (more…)

New Children’s Book – The Tree With No Branches

Team AKA (all the authors represented by AKA Literary, LLC) is super excited today. Our own John Newcomb released his first book, and it is apparently causing quite a stir on Amazon. Here, in his own words, is a description of The Tree With No Branches, by Johnny Knew with illustrations by K. Von Ward:

The book, The Tree With No Branches, is my first published book.  It was a joy to write for many reasons.  One of the many reasons was the message…a small tree, not liked, ugly even, grows on the inside, what can’t be seen.  He grows his roots deep which ultimately helps him in a marvelous and wonderful way.  It’s a book about character, perseverance, and accepting others who are different.  Then, when the illustrator added the pictures…WOW…I know you and your kids and/or grandkids will LOVE this book.  The Tree With No Branches is a keeper.

Preview the first 6 pages of this beautifully written and illustrated book here,  and then go to Amazon to purchase it here.

Congratulations, John, and best wishes for much success. When one of us wins, we all win.



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