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Tatia’s Tattoo Crowdfunding Campaign Is Now Live! | by Linda Brendle

ShameHuman trafficking is one of the three largest illegal industries in the world  – experts disagree on whether it is second or third. Over a million children each year fall victim to traffickers.

Today I have launched a crowdfunding campaign aimed at gathering support to meet the costs of publishing Tatia’s Tattoo, a Christian novel that tells the story of sex trafficking in small-town America. Raising awareness of this issue could be the first step in solving it.

You can be involved by pledging financial support to help cover the costs of development Cover coming soonand copy editing, typesetting, proof reading, and cover design. Proceeds will also cover the miscellaneous costs involved in setting up the ebook, acquiring the ISBN and Library of Congress numbers, and so forth, as well as the printing costs for the books supporters will receive as rewards.

There are six different levels of support, each with a minimum dollar amount and a corresponding reward. The Friends Level has a minimum of $5, and the reward is my undying gratitude and a chance to win a $5 Amazon gift certificate. The Gold Book Club Level has a minimum of $275 and the reward includes ten print copies of Tatia’s Tattoo, ten custom bookmarks, ten custom tote bags, a personal or video appearance by the author (depending on location), ten chances to win a $30 Amazon gift certificate, and an acknowledgement of your book club and members in the book. In between the two levels, there are four others that increase from the lowest to the highest. The dollar amounts shown are suggested minimums, but if you feel as strongly about this project as I do, you are free to increase any of the dollar amounts.

The campaign is set up to accept all major credit cards. All funds collected, with the exception of processing fees charged by the credit card companies, are applied to publishing costs. In the event we collect more than the initial costs, excess funds will be held and applied to the printing costs of future sales. In the unlikely event the project is cancelled, all contributions will be refunded except for the processing fees. No cash is ever released to the author.

The actual publication process will take three to four months after the end of the campaign. During the process, I am planning a cover reveal, a book video trailer, an author video/Facebook Live event, and anything else that sounds like fun. If all goes as planned, the books and other rewards will be available by late summer. I am also working on a booklet outlining other ways you can help fight human trafficking. The final product will be posted on the Internet in a PDF format, and the link will be available in the book.

I hope you will join me in this project. Simply click this link, click the “Contribute” button, and choose your level of support and reward. Together I believe we can make a difference.



Tatia’s Tattoo – Quote – Love | by Linda Brendle

The crowdfunding campaign for Tatia’s Tattoo will launch in one day. Tatia’s Tattoo is Christian fiction about the horror of human trafficking in small-town America.

Love Photo



Tatia’s Tattoo – Quote #2 | by Linda Brendle

The crowdfunding campaign for Tatia’s Tattoo will launch in four days. Tatia’s Tattoo is Christian fiction about the horror of human trafficking in small-town America.


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Tatia’s Tattoo – Why I Wrote It | by Linda Brendle

Cover coming soonBefore my first novel, Tatia’s Tattoo, became a file in my computer, I knew sex trafficking existed. But in my narrow perspective, this unspeakable crime was limited to the back alleys of foreign countries or a few mega-cities in the U.S. Orphans were snatched from a hopeless existence and forced into something even worse.

Then, one Sunday evening, a couple visited our church from a town about fifty miles away from my home. They had founded an organization whose mission statement reads, in part: to bring hope to teens silenced by sex trafficking and exploitation in the United States. Talk about a wake-up call! Not only was sex trafficking not limited to faraway places, it was not limited to nameless, faceless children who lived in another reality. It was happening to girls – and sometimes boys – just like the children and grandchildren of my friends and neighbors, the children I saw every week at church or in the grocery store – or at camp. (more…)

Publishing Again! | by Linda Brendle

I am excited to announce that I have contracted with Crowdscribed to publish my first novel. Tatia’s Tattoo, a work of literary Christian fiction, is the story of a young girl trapped in the sex trafficking trade.

The mark of shame on Tatia’s forearm represented the evil in her life – the war and grief that took her parents, the lust and greed that took her childhood innocence – but courage, love, and grace helped her rise above it all. (more…)

Authors–Win a $5K Publishing Package Plus Mentoring | by Linda Brendle

CrowdScribedAuthors, how would you like to win a $5,000 publishing package and an opportunity to be mentored by one of several bestselling authors? I recently received an email from my son Christian, who is the Director of Acquisitions and Author Development at CrowdScribed, telling me about an opportunity to do just that.

CrowdScribed is a new platform created to rebuild the relationship between authors and readers by providing authors a legitimate platform to market and fund their books before they’re published and, at the same time, providing readers a method to discover new books and interact with authors. Their mission is to make a revolutionary change in the publishing industry. (more…)

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