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Watching the Weather | by Linda Brendle

Published in the Rains County Leader on January 17, 2017:
cowboys-starSunday night, after the Dallas Cowboys closed out their 2016 season with a heart-stopping loss to the Green Bay Packers, David switched over to NBC so we could watch the Steelers and the Chiefs fight it out for the privilege of playing the Patriots next week. Along with the football game, we also watched weather reports – a lot of them! (more…)

Ten Thousand Reasons to Be Thankful | by Linda Brendle

This past Sunday was one of tradition, the annual Thanksgiving sermon at our church and the community-wide Thanksgiving service. Sunday morning wasn’t completely traditional. The service started with a little excitement when a red wasp buzzed the congregation. Dr. Barry Justice got a round of applause when he threw his jacket over the intruder and stomped it. After the confusion subsided, Pastor Jason asked the expected question: What are you thankful for? Then he gave some of the normal answers for what he called the big things: family, health, a comfortable home, a good job. Then he smiled and gave a list of the little things: bar soap, hot water, apples, toothpaste, pencils, paper. Then he delivered a less traditional Thanksgiving sermon about why we should be thankful for the things that God has not done (more…)

Senior Humor – Edition 10 | by Linda Brendle

After ten days of focusing on the warning signs of Alzheimer’s, I decided it was time to lighten the mood a bit.

Grandma decided to put a jigsaw puzzle together, so she grabbed the box and poured the pieces out on the table. After a while, she began to get frustrated and called Grandpa.

“George, can you come in here and give me a hand.” (more…)

Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s – Part 9 of 10 | by Linda Brendle

We all sometimes leave an old hobby for a while to try something new, and we all sometimes get tired of work, family and social obligations. But someone with Alzheimer’s may exhibit more extreme signs of withdrawal from social, family and work activities: (more…)

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