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Valentine’s Day: Not Just a Hallmark Holiday | by Linda Brendle

Valentines DayValentine’s Day has a church history dating back to the 5th century, but it became associated with romantic love during the middle ages. There are some people, especially husbands who usually end up in the doghouse for their lack of romance and people who spend the evening sharing a pint of Homemade Vanilla with their four-footed roommate, who are convinced that Valentine’s Day was birthed by Hallmark and Russell Stover to sell more cards and candy. However, my church found a way to celebrate the holiday that kept husbands out of the doghouse and gave singles a place to share in the festivities – and my husband David found a way to be one of the stars of the event. (more…)

Date Night in Quitman, Texas | by Linda Brendle

David and I don’t have a regular date night. We enjoy each other’s company enough that watching a movie on our 47” television with a bag of microwaved popcorn seems like a date. But thanks to David’s growing reputation as a chili cook-off judge, we had a special date night last Friday in Quitman, another small East Texas town about 25 miles from Emory.

A couple of weeks ago, David got an urgent call from a friend in Quitman. They went to school together in Jonesboro, Louisiana, and the tale of how they reconnected after all these years is a tribute to coincidence, but that’s another story. For now, she was in a bind and needed help. She was coordinating a chili cook-off to benefit the Special Olympics, and one of her judges had pulled out for medical reasons. She needed someone from a county other than hers and preferably someone with a little bit of experience. Lured by the chance to expand his resume and by all the free chili he could eat, David said yes, and I went along to watch the show. I didn’t take my camera, and my phone didn’t have enough of a charge to take a lot of pictures, but I took enough to show you that people in Quitman know how to have fun. (more…)

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