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Celebrating Christian Piatt – Again! |by Linda Brendle

Christians first birthday

Last year on October 7, I wrote about the day Christian was born. This year, I thought I’d tell you about his first birthday.

We didn’t have a big blowout on his big day–no clowns or ponies or giant mice serving pizza–just four adoring adults celebrating the new life that had come into our family twelve months before. His dad and I drove down to Mom and Dad’s weekend retreat at Cedar Creek Lake for the weekend, and we had a party for five. Instead of a traditional cake, I made cupcakes. I inverted ice cream cones over the batter so the cakes would rise into them. The idea was that the cone would provide a clean and easy way for a one-year-old boy to eat his cake. As you can see, he had other ideas.

His presents were simple ones. He received a couple of toys he could push or pull as he practiced his newly acquired walking skills. He also got a Busy Bath which we put to good use once he was finished smearing cake and frosting all over himself.

Christian, even though their memories of you got lost in the dementia,Mom and Dad adored you to the end. As for me, I still consider being you mom as one of the greatest blessings of my life.

Happy Birthday,


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