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How Not to Put Your Foot in Your Mouth | by Linda Brendle

Foot in mouthOne of my friends at church told me last Sunday about a sign she saw in front of a local church. It said: A closed mouth gathers no foot. I would do well to have that tattooed inside my eyelids or in some other highly visible place. At the risk of using another cliché, I tend to put my mouth in motion before putting my brain in gear.

I’m really pretty quiet, listening and responding more often than offering my opinion. But when I feel strongly about something, I say it. The funny thing is that if you say something with enough conviction, people are apt to listen, assume you’ve thought through what you said, and assume that you know what you’re talking about. This can be especially troubling when you spend a lot of time around caregivers and other people who are going through a difficult time. (more…)

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