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A Previously Published and/or Unpublished List about Caregivers | by Linda Brendle

ListFreelance writing is an interesting hobby. I won’t call it a vocation – it doesn’t pay enough – there are too many of us and too few paying jobs. But that doesn’t keep me from pursuing it.

Last week I found a new site that promised lots of exposure and even a little money for lists. Lists are really popular now, lists about anything and everything. In fact, last week Christian Piatt published a list about why he publishes so many lists.

So, I checked out the submission guidelines for the new list site, and although it asked for original material – in fact, what it said was “Don’t steal someone else’s stuff” – it didn’t say it had to be previously unpublished. That sounded good to me, so I went through my previously published lists and pulled out a couple about how to know if you’re a caregiver. (more…)

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