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5 Things to Look for in a Senior Home Dental Care Provider | Guest Post

Senior Dental CareOne challenge for family caregivers is dental care for their loved ones. At best, getting someone who suffers from some sort of physical or mental infirmity out the door and to the dentist is a challenge. At worst, getting out of the house may be impossible, and regular dental care is neglected.

Mom and Dad had fairly good teeth in their younger days. They were both raised in West Texas where the water contains natural fluoride. But as they aged, they became careless with their dental hygiene and the problems began. By the time I became their full-time caregiver, some of their teeth were beyond saving. In the 6 years they lived with me, Dad had to have 3 teeth removed, and after Mom moved into assisted living, she pushed her lower two front teeth out with her tongue due to bone loss around the roots. (more…)

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