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Signs of Easter | by Linda Brendle

Published in the Rains County Leader on March 27, 2018:

cadbury bunnyLike any other holiday, there are tell-tale signs that Easter is almost here. The earliest ones are commercial – the Cadbury Bunny begins his annual television campaign, and the stores have special shelves dedicated to all things egg related. The shop windows change their displays from boots and sweaters to sandals and flowered dresses with graceful lines, and spiral cut hams and asparagus are on sale in the weekly grocery ads.

There are literal signs, too, as churches post notices and run newspaper ads announcing Easter egg hunts, Good Friday Services, and Sunrise Services. The flowers inside the churches are changed from Winter’s subtle colors to the brilliant hues of Spring, and the sanctuary banners depict the crucifixion and the empty tomb. (more…)

Granddaughters, Broken Hearts, and the Resurrection | by Linda Brendle

After Good Friday services my son Christian posted the following note on his Facebook page:

Little Zoe told us that her heart broke into two pieces for Jesus at church tonight. (more…)

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