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Garden News | by Linda Brendle

Published in the Rains County Leader on April 12, 2016:

Angry Gopher

The gophers will not be happy!

The big garden news this years is that there’s not much garden, at least so far. The gophers will be disappointed to know that I missed the fall garlic planting altogether. About eight or ten volunteer plants sprouted in the garden area, and about that many came up around the back porch where Kitty knocked them off the drying rack last summer. Aside from that, my little underground friends will have to go elsewhere to find seasoning for their Italian meals, and the squirrels will have to do without early tomatoes for their salads. (more…)

Garden Progress Report – Photos| by Linda Brendle

Last week, I wrote about some garden lessons, but I thought I’d show you a few more pictures of my progress.

After my tomato plants were ravaged by the local fauna, David and I put up some netting. It won’t stand up to a Texas tornado if one comes through, and we’ll have to put something over the top to keep the squirrels out when the tomatoes start to appear. For now, though, it will keep the rabbits out, and it will give the cucumbers something to climb on other than the zucchini plants. (more…)

Garlic Wars Escalate in Emory | by Linda Brendle

Gopher“You lost another garlic plant last night,” said David yesterday after his morning inspection of the kingdom.

Simple words, but with earth-shaking consequences for the garlic monster that’s taken a third plant. That’s 15% of my crop, and even God only asks for 10%.

“Okay, no more Mrs. Nice Guy,” I said. “We’re going to Hooten’s after lunch so I can talk to the garden guy.” (more…)

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