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More Photos of Grandpa and Kyle | by Linda Brendle

When I finished my post about my brother Jim and his grandson, I sent it to him for permission to publish something so personal. I also told him I had the recent picture I used at the end of the story, but I asked for a picture or pictures of the two of them when Kyle was younger.  What was I thinking? Of course, I got fishing pictures. It’s what he does. Why didn’t I ask the photographer in the family, Jim’s wife Jo Lynn? After exchanging a couple of e-mails with her, she sent me the photos I’m posting here. My intention was to edit the original post and add or substitute a photo or two, but these are too beautiful take a chance that someone might miss them because they’ve already read the story. So here are three more pictures of my brother and his grandson, a real life love story. (more…)

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