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For Mattias: Grandparents Were a Lot Different when I Was a Kid | by Linda Brendle

Grandmother and Granddaddy Robinson

Grandmother and Granddaddy Robinson

Mattias, my grandparent situation was a lot different than yours when I was a kid. For one thing, I only had three instead the crowd you have. Grandmother and Granddaddy Robinson (my dad’s parents) were still married to their original spouses, and Granny Hagan (my mom’s mother) was a widow. Her husband died several years before I was born.

My grandparents had strange names. Mom’s father was Ralph Charles Hagan which wasn’t too unusual, but her mother was Alva Lee (Cox) Hagan. Dad’s father was Oscar Lee Robinson and his mother was Iona Florence (Yandall) Robinson. Not quite the same as David, Linda, Mark, Mary Kay, Suzie, and Russ. It didn’t matter that much because we didn’t call them by their first names anyway. (more…)

Being a Grandparent Is Its Own Excuse | by Linda Brendle

I know I’ve been AWOL for a few days, but there are valid reasons. Here are two of them:

Zoe's first ballet recital.

   Zoe’s first ballet recital.

She and the others acted silly during warm ups, but when the music started, she danced like a princess.

She and the others acted silly during warm ups, but when the music started, she danced like a princess.

Mattias got his yellow belt.

Mattias got his yellow belt.

If you’re a grandparent or had one, you understand.

We’re getting back on the flying standby merry-go-round at 12:55 am. Pray it doesn’t take us 22 hours to get home.





Grandpa and His Nerd | by Linda Brendle

My older brother, the Reverend Doctor Jim Robinson, is a very special man. Through the 65 years I’ve been his little sister, he’s been my friend, my rival, my tormenter, my hero, and when I came to the end of my caregiver’s rope, he was my rescuer. When I finally picked up the phone and said I can’t do this anymore, he picked up the reins and stepped in as Mom and Dad’s primary caregiver. It’s not an unfamiliar role for him. As a minister, he’s cared for the needs of various churches for over 50 years; and 15 years ago, he became one of the caregivers for his special grandson Kyle. (more…)

You Might Be a Grandma If…

Spending time with my grandkids hasn’t left much time for thinking serious thoughts about caregiving and life in general. Here’s where my thoughts have been centered this week.

You might be a grandma if: (more…)

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