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This Is How We Looked 14 Year Ago | by Linda Brendle

On March 31, 2000, I became Mrs. David Brendle. A lot has happened since then–better and worse, rich and poor, sickness and health–but there has always been love.

My brother, Dr. Jim Robinson, performed the ceremony.

My brother, Dr. Jim Robinson, performed the ceremony.



Happy 73rd Anniversary | by Linda Brendle

Double Wedding PhotoI visited with Aunt Fay for a while this morning. I called first to make sure she was home, so she had fresh coffee and warm cookies ready when we got there. We took our cups and plates into the living room where we could enjoy her Christmas tree along with the goodies. We talked about her knee and my ankle, both of which have healed nicely. We talked about Christmas plans, church activities, and family gossip – and I wished her a happy anniversary. (more…)

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