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Senior Humor – Edition 22 | by Linda Brendle

seniors laughing 2 041712Leave it to a senior citizen to figure out a foolproof way to remember her password.

“Jane, how do you keep track of all your passwords. I’m always forgetting mine.”

“That’s easy, Margie. I changed all my passwords to “Incorrect.”

“How does that help?”

“Easy. If I forget and put in the wrong password, my computer pops up with a reminder. It says ‘Your password is incorrect.’”


Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s – Part 6 of 10 | by Linda Brendle

As a writer, I sometimes have trouble finding the right word for what I’m trying to say. Sometimes I refer to my Thesaurus, but I have to admit that sometimes I rewrite a sentence to use a word I can remember. I also have problems finding the correct word when I’m talking, but according to the Alzheimer’s Association, that’s a typical age-related change. If I start to have the following new problems with words in speaking or writing, then I have reason for concern: (more…)

Senior Humor – Edition 8 | by Linda Brendle

When in doubt about what to write, or when too lazy to think deeply about a meaningful post, fall back on a little senior humor.

A concerned husband went to the doctor to talk about his wife.

“Doctor,” he said, “I think my wife is losing her hearing. She never hears me the first time I say anything.”

“Go home and tonight,” said the doctor, “stand fifteen feet from her and say something. If she doesn’t reply, move five feet closer and say it again. Keep moving closer until she hears you. This will give me an idea about the degree of her hearing loss.” (more…)

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