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Is There Birthday Cake In Heaven? | by Linda Brendle

BettyBetty Brendle, David’s mother, was born 86 years ago today. Yes, she was born on Halloween, and I’m sure she heard every witch joke ever written and received lots of pumpkin-covered birthday cards during her lifetime. Her children swore that her love of sweeping had something to do with the connection between her birth date and brooms.

Betty passed away in August, but we’re thinking of her today. In fact, we’ve been thinking of her a lot this week. David and I drove over to Louisiana on Sunday, and we’ve spent the week with his sisters, going through the “stuff” that a person accumulates during eight decades of life. Betty was a very organized person, so there’s not a lot of junk to deal with, but there are lots of memories. (more…)

Senior Humor – Edition 5 | by Linda Brendle

A holiday weekend seems like a good time for another look at the lighter side of getting old.

Paddy and Mick, two retired gentlemen, chartered a small plane to fly them into the Canadian Rockies for a week of moose hunting. They had a great week and bagged 6 of the large animals. When the pilot came back to pick them up, he objected. (more…)

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