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Calling In Hospice Is Not Giving Up | by Linda Brendle

I didn’t know much about hospice before Mom died. Hospice was called the year before when Dad had a massive stroke, but he went so quickly that I didn’t learn much about what hospice was about. All I knew was that the hospice nurse called the necessary people to handle the necessary paperwork. I showed my ignorance in a short conversation with her.

“I guess this makes your job a little less heart wrenching, when the patient doesn’t linger for a long time.” (more…)

Ready or Not | by Linda Brendle

Hide and Seek is a favorite game of children. One child is designated as “It,” and while the other children run and hide, “It” stays at “base,” hides his eyes, and counts. When he reaches 30 or 50 or 100, he yells, “Ready or not, here I come.” Those few words evoke lots of emotions in the other children. If they’ve not yet found a suitable hiding place, they feel panic as they realize they’re completely exposed and in danger of being caught. If they have hidden daringly close to base, they feel a thrill of fear and excitement as they anticipate that mad dash to safety, trying to avoid being tagged. And if they found the PERFECT hiding place, they may be overcome with giggles as they realize that “It” has no chance of finding them. I don’t play Hide and Seek much anymore except with my grandchildren, but through the years I’ve encountered many situations that yell “Ready or not, here I come.” (more…)

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