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Memorial Day – Lest We Forget

Memorial DayThis is the post I wrote last Memorial Day. We still remember.

Remembrance and Hope

Memorial Day is a day of hope and remembrance, of remembering those who gave their lives in the service of their country. Why is remembrance important, and what is our hope? (more…)

What Happens When One Person Cares | by Linda Brendle

Helping HandLast month, spurred by a post written by my brother Jim, I posted an article called “Does Government Assistance Discourage Private Charity.”  The post was also published by Red Letter Christians where it elicited quite a bit of discussion. The discussion was interesting, but after reading it, I realized I should have used the word “personal” in the title instead of “private.” Most of the comments centered on the relative merits of government charity versus religious charity. It made me wonder if the discussion participants had read my post since I included stories about person-to-person acts of kindness rather than institutional generosity. But as luck or fate would have it, Jim gave me another chance to get it right. (more…)

Does Government Assistance Discourage Private Charity? | by Linda Brendle

Jim Robinson

A couple of months ago my brother, the Reverend Doctor Jim Robinson, posted a blog titled “Hard Work vs. Government Assistance.” It was well-written and thought-provoking, but I thought it was incomplete.

In the interest of full disclosure, I have to tell you that my brother and I love each other, but we fall on opposite sides of the political fence. He is as liberal as I am conservative; however, we’re both reasonable adults, and we’ve learned to discuss our differences in a civilized manner. In fact, he has a passion for civility, and his blog is “dedicated to hearing ‘both side’ of any issue.” But in this particular post, I think he failed to take into consideration that some issues have more than two sides. I think this is particularly relevant in issues involving caring for those I call “the least of these.” (more…)

Blog Awards: to Participate or Not | by Linda Brendle

When I got my first “blog award” a few months after I published my first post, I was really excited. Then I read the instructions: post this award button on your blog, write a post including 7 things about yourself and links to 15 blogs including the one who sent you this award.  Be sure to send an award notification to the bloggers you mention along with an explanation of the award requirements. It sounded an awful lot like a chain letter to me, and my excitement dwindled a bit. In fact, I handled those awards the way I handle most chain letters: I did nothing. Then I got an award from Liz. (more…)

Remembrance and Hope | by Linda Brendle

Memorial Day is a day of hope and remembrance, of remembering those who gave their lives in the service of their country. Why is remembrance important, and what is our hope? (more…)

More Photos of Grandpa and Kyle | by Linda Brendle

When I finished my post about my brother Jim and his grandson, I sent it to him for permission to publish something so personal. I also told him I had the recent picture I used at the end of the story, but I asked for a picture or pictures of the two of them when Kyle was younger.  What was I thinking? Of course, I got fishing pictures. It’s what he does. Why didn’t I ask the photographer in the family, Jim’s wife Jo Lynn? After exchanging a couple of e-mails with her, she sent me the photos I’m posting here. My intention was to edit the original post and add or substitute a photo or two, but these are too beautiful take a chance that someone might miss them because they’ve already read the story. So here are three more pictures of my brother and his grandson, a real life love story. (more…)

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