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Senior Humor – Edition 22 | by Linda Brendle

seniors laughing 2 041712Leave it to a senior citizen to figure out a foolproof way to remember her password.

“Jane, how do you keep track of all your passwords. I’m always forgetting mine.”

“That’s easy, Margie. I changed all my passwords to “Incorrect.”

“How does that help?”

“Easy. If I forget and put in the wrong password, my computer pops up with a reminder. It says ‘Your password is incorrect.’”


Senior Humor – Edition 16 | by Linda Brendle

seniors laughing 2 041712I don’t know how many more of these posts I’ll be able to do. Lately when I search for “senior humor,” a lot of the links are to my past posts. I guess I’ve mined the available resources pretty well. If you have a new senior story that’s “G” rated and not too long, post it in the comments.

I found this first story in a Huffington Post article  from September of last year. It’s from a collection of jokes by Geoff Tibbals called Unforgettable Senior Jokes. (more…)

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