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The Kitty who came in from the cold |by Linda Brendle

kittyBefore I began my series on Advent back in December, I wrote about Kitty’s encounter with a less than friendly neighborhood tom cat. She ended up with an abscessed bite on her leg and a rather larger veterinary bill. I also wrote that, once we returned home from house sitting with our dog friend Spike, she was well and ready for an outdoor romp. However, her attitude changed quickly. (more…)

Who Owns Whom? | by Linda Brendle

How did you get up there, Kitty?

While I was raising my son, I often said that kids and pets will eventually make a liar out of you. For example, as soon as you tell the hostess he won’t eat pot roast, he eats his and yours and asks for more. Later, when you tell Grandma he has learned his multiplication tables through the tens, he can’t manage to count to three. And when you write a column bragging on Kitty’s tree-climbing skills, your husband has to climb on the roof four days in a row to rescue her. (more…)

Kitty in the Garden | by Linda Brendle

Kitty weighs 6 pounds now.

Kitty weighs 6 pounds now.

For those who have asked recently, Kitty is doing fine. She is still in residence at the Brendle home and is still an outside cat except on days when it is extremely hot or rainy. On those days she is invited into the laundry room where she enjoys lazing on the cool tile floor, playing with the work boots and shoes lined up in front of the washer and dryer, and occasionally turning over the trash can. (more…)

Top Ten Definitions of Futility | by Linda Brendle

Earlier this month I posted a status on Facebook that said “I swept the porch less than an hour ago, and it’s already covered with leaves again!” The first comment I received said “It’s futile! Go have a cup of coffee and read instead!!” I took my friend’s advice, but her comment got the writer wheels turning. What other things do we do that are the very definition of futility.  Here’s my top ten list: (more…)

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