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What do I wear? by Linda Brendle

Published in the Rains County Leader on January 21, 2020:

Medicare open enrollmentEvery year between October 15 and December 7, Medicare open enrollment rolls around. That’s the period when people who have Medicare coverage can reevaluate and/or change their plans. David has coverage through the VA, so when the helpful reminders from every insurance company known to man begin to arrive in the mail, they end up in my to-do paperwork. I’ve been pretty happy with my carriers, so I usually ignore the pile until the deadline has past and then file it in what Dad used to call File 13.

This year was different, though. My supplement, the plan that covers co-pays and other things Medicare doesn’t pay, went up a few dollars as it does every year due to my advancing age. But my prescription drug coverage that had doubled in the seven years since I became eligible had doubled again in just one year. It was time to do some insurance shopping. (more…)

Top Ten Signs Your Healthcare Is in Trouble | by Linda Brendle

English: Emory Healthcare Logo

Just inside the door of the Senior Center are a couple of wire racks that are always full of various publications from Rains County and surrounding areas. One is a free advertising and humor paper called Giggles & Grins. I “borrowed” the following list from their latest issue:


You can tell your healthcare is in trouble when:


  1. The only 100% covered expense is embalming.
  2. Your anti-anxiety medication comes in colors and has little “m’s” on each pill. (more…)

Top Ten Things That Make You Feel Old (and what to do about them) | by Linda Brendle


The December 29 issue of the AgingCare.com newsletter featured an article called “10 Things That Make You Feel Old – and What To Do About Them.” It contained some good information about exercise, diet, mental stimulation and other areas of concern, but I thought they omitted some other quite obvious things. So here’s my top ten list of things that can make you feel old and what to do about them. (more…)

Healthcare – Then and Now | by Linda Brendle

I don’t know if we had health insurance when I was a child. When I had a sore throat that wouldn’t go away, I went to the doctor, and the rest of the time, I didn’t give any thought to healthcare. Now our entire way of life revolves around the subject.

Health insurance became a personal issue years later after I was married and wanted to start a family. Maternity coverage was excluded from many insurance plans, and if it was included at all, there were stringent limitations. My husband was considering changing jobs, and one of the normal coverage limitations was that maternity benefits didn’t kicked in for a year after the inception of a new policy. On (more…)

Medicare Saga – Part Three: Medicare or Matrix | by Linda Brendle

I’ve been writing about my Medicare experiences the last couple of days, about the feelings and response when I received my card  and about the confusion and decisions involved in choosing coverage. But the real experiences came the last couple of weeks when I used my cards for the first time. (more…)

Medicare Saga – Part…Whatever: The Research | by Linda Brendle

I posted yesterday about getting my Medicare card.  That was just the beginning of the Medicare saga. For several weeks after receiving the card, I received mail, lots of mail, about how Medicare works. The most helpful items were a couple of booklets produced by the Department of Health & Human Services. One was called “Welcome to Medicare” and the other was called “Choosing a Medigap Policy.” (more…)

The Medicare Saga – Part One | by Linda Brendle

I published the following post on my Facebook status sometime around the first of the year: “I am officially old now. I got my Medicare card in the mail today.”  I got lots of responses, basically divided into three categories. (more…)

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