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An Angel Brought Me an (Almost) New Pair of Shoes | by Linda Brendle

Dr. Graves gave me this hot, heavy boot.

Dr. Graves gave me this hot, heavy boot.

I know I’ve focused a lot on my feet the last few months, but that’s what happens when you break an ankle. But last Friday, after 3½ months, the doctor pronounced me healed and let me exchange that ugly boot for regular shoes with the caveat that all those shoes must have flat heels. Since I’m somewhat height challenged and David is almost a foot taller than I am, all my shoes except for tennies and sandals have heels, so I went shopping.

I wanted something that would look good with either jeans or dress pants (I can’t tell you the last time I wore a skirt). What I really wanted was a pair of loafers. It was not to be. (more…)

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