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A Weekend of Memories, Commitment, and Perspective | by Linda Brendle

Published in the Rains County Leader on October 25, 2016:

mhs-50-reunionI missed my 50th high school reunion last year, because it was scheduled in October when we were in Oregon visiting grandchildren. I had a second chance of sorts this past weekend as I accompanied David to Jonesboro, Louisiana to attend his 50th.

We missed the morning homecoming assembly and the afternoon parade on Friday, but we arrived in time to attend the tailgate party and football game that night. We also attended the big party on Saturday night. We both had a great time, and with David’s encouragement, I thought I’d share a few impressions, most of which center around two words – commitment and perspective. (more…)


On Life, Perspective, and Morning Glories | by Linda Brendle

My friendship with Sue is a sisters-in-arms story. As men become brothers in times of war, Sue and I became sisters on the battlefield of caregiving. We first met at our church in a small group that was studying finances from a Christian perspective. The group bonded well and decided to move on from finances to Rick Warren’s study called “The Purpose Driven Church.” During the course of the study, we were challenged to be open to new ministry or service opportunities in which we might become involved. One night I shared that I was considering starting a caregiver support group. Sue caught my eye from across the room and mouthed, I want to do this with you. That’s when our friendship really began. (more…)

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