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Book Review: Our Fragile Hearts by Buffy Andrews


Blurb:  Three lives. Three broken hearts…

Piper loved her mummy. So when she loses her, her world is confused and sad. But she has Rachel now. She won’t leave her as well, will she?

Rachel finds out she has a 5-year-old sister on the same day that she is told her mother has died. Having been in foster care for years, she never really knew her mum, but she knows for sure she doesn’t want the same thing for Piper. She knows she has to take care of her – but how?

Mary never even got to see her baby. They took it away as soon as she gave birth. And the hole in her heart has never healed. So when she meets Rachel and Piper, two lost girls looking for a family, her broken heart skips a beat…


Whenever I pick up a book by Buffy Andrews, I have come to expect a reading experience that will draw me into a funny, exciting, and/or emotional story filled with life-like characters that I grow to care about. Our Fragile Hearts, Andrews’ latest release, does not disappoint.  This poignant tale of a five-year-old girl, a young adult single woman, and a wealthy, childless widow met all my expectations beautifully.

Our Fragile Hearts tells the story of love lost and love found, but not in the typical boy-meets-girl scenario. Five-year-old Piper, newly orphaned and insecure, meets Mary, a lonely woman who longs to make her huge house into a loving home. The love at first sight between the two is mutual. Rachel, whose life plans have been turned upside down by the introduction of a younger sister, holds herself aloof for fear of one more in a long string of disappointments.

Andrews weaves the lives of these three characters into a lovely narrative that will make you want to hurry on to see what happens next but also to linger in the parlor where Piper, Rachel, and Mary are sharing a cup of tea. For a memorable reading experience, I highly recommend Our Fragile Hearts by Buffy Andrews.

Available at Amazon.com 

BuffyAbout the Author: Buffy Andrews is an author, blogger, journalist and social media maven.

By day she’s a journalist, leading an award-winning staff at the York Daily Record/Sunday News, where she is Assistant Managing Editor of Social Media and Engagement.

In addition to her writing blog, Buffy’s Write Zone, she maintains a social media blog, Buffy’s World. She is also a newspaper and magazine columnist and writes middle-grade, young adult and women’s fiction.

She lives in south central Pennsylvania with her husband, Tom; two sons, Zach and Micah; and wheaten cairn terrier Kakita. She is grateful for their love and support and for reminding her of what’s most important in life.

Find Buffy at her website, on Facebook, and on Twitter.



Is My Face Red! | by Linda Brendle

I have all sorts of excuses for not posting a blog on Monday and for not posting one earlier today. Some are interesting and some are not, but the real reason is a little embarrassing. One of my fellow AKA Literary authors mentioned a writing contest, and I decided to give it a shot. It was fiction only, so I took a deep breath and wrote my first work of fiction since I was a sophomore in high school. After tweaking it to my satisfaction, I went to the contest site to check out the submission procedures. The first thing I saw was “OPEN ONLY TO LEGAL RESIDENTS OF PENNSYLVANIA WHO ARE AT LEAST 18 YEARS OLD AS OF THE DATE OF ENTRY.” Well, duh! The name of the contest is “The 2013 Central PA Magazine Writing Contest.” So, I have a story that’s all dressed up with no place to go.  I know it’s not my usual genre, but give it a read and let me know what you think.

New Beginnings | by Linda Brendle

I was sitting in the waiting room of the dentist’s office the day it began – a typical waiting room with nondescript furniture, bland wall prints, the faint smell of lemon-scented cleaning products and antiseptic, the distant sound of a drill. I was looking at a magazine article titled “New Year, New Beginnings” – looking but not reading. I was in the season of endings. My marriage ended after twenty years, and a couple of ill-advised relationships ended much more quickly. My career ended in a corporate downsizing, and my stint as a caregiver ended with the death of my mother, taking half my retirement savings with it. The rest of my plans for a semi-luxurious retirement ended when the stock market and the housing market crashed at about the same time. All my new beginnings had faded, and I’d resolved to make do with what was left. (more…)

Beginnings and Endings | by Linda Brendle

Elmer Helen Dean Fay

Tomorrow is Mom and Dad’s 71st anniversary. In honor of the occasion, I’m posting a couple of excerpts from some of my previous writings. The first selection is from my book, A Long and Winding Road, RVing with Mom and Dad, and talks about the beginning of their love affair. The second is from a blog post titled Daddy’s Legacy that I posted on July 20 and tells about their last days together.


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