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I Ignored Doctor’s Orders and Wore Two Shoes – a Pictorial Confession| by Linda Brendle

Dr. Graves gave me this hot, heavy boot.

Dr. Graves gave me this hot, heavy boot.

Yes, in spite of doctor’s orders to continue to wear my boot except in the house, I went outside wearing two shoes. But I have an explanation – it was David’s fault.

Friday afternoon I heard a noise in the back yard that meant another dead tree was falling victim not only to the draught but also to David’s chain saw.





The Healing Power of Spring, Harleys, and Riding Mowers | by Linda Brendle

I haven’t posted since Monday. It’s unusual for me to go that long between posts, but that last one wore me out. Those of us who have loved ones who are in the end stages of any disease are grieving a loss that’s not over yet, so there is no closure. Sometimes it’s hard to think or talk or write about anything else, and sometimes it becomes a real downer for you and everyone around you, regardless of how loving, understanding, and supportive they are. So you try not to think or talk or write. But the human spirit is resilient and continues to seek healing wherever it’s available. I found a bit of healing yesterday as David and I took a ride on the Harley and went shopping for a riding lawn mower. (more…)

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