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Writing with Someone Else’s Voice | by Linda Brendle

Cover of "Jesse Stone: Night Passage"

What does Tom Selleck have to do with spiritual gifts? If you’ll bear with me through a few paragraphs, I’ll try to retrace my train of thought.


I’ve loved Tom Selleck since he was Magnum P.I., so I was really excited in early 2005 when I saw advertisements for a made-for-TV movie called Stone Cold. Selleck had the starring role as Jesse Stone, chief of police in a small town called Paradise. It wasn’t great cinema, but it was great Selleck. He played the part as if it had been written especially for him. In the next two years, three more Jesse Stone movies were aired, each one better than the last. The movies were based on a series of novels by Robert B. Parker, and I fell more in love with him than with Selleck. I’ve always been a sucker for a good mystery, and Parker was the best. His story lines were good enough to hold the reader’s interest but simple enough to allow his rich cast of characters to shine. (more…)

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