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On being an overachiever | by Linda Brendle

Published in the Rains County Leader on October 23, 2018:

Lisa with stack of booksAccording to Google, an overachiever is someone who performs better or achieves more success than expected. The assumption is that this person achieves these results through excessive effort. The definition may be correct, but I know from personal experience that the assumption is not necessarily true.

I made very good grades in school, and some would even say I was an overachiever – but it wasn’t because of excessive effort. I listened and took notes in class – which I realize might be considered excessive effort to some. I also took books home every night, but unless I had written homework to complete, I rarely opened them. The truth is that I had an excellent memory, and I could retain the needed information long enough to ace the test. (more…)

Aching Hands Won’t Put Me on the Sidelines | by Linda Brendle

I’ve written about hands a couple of times recently. First I wrote about Mom’s hands,  and then I wrote about volunteers’ hands. Today I’m writing about my own hands. I’m developing arthritis, and my hands are hurting this morning. My hands don’t look like Mom’s yet, but I can see some changes. The tips of two fingers lean slightly to the left, and the end joint on another finger is noticeably enlarged. I can no get my wedding ring past an enlarged knuckle, and my thumbs don’t work right. The joints where the thumb joins the hand is often painful enough that I can’t open lids, and this morning when David and I took a stroll around the property with our coffee, I had trouble finding a way to hold my cup that didn’t hurt. It’s nothing I can’t handle with over-the-counter pain relievers, though, and it’s not the first time I’ve had trouble with my hands. (more…)

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