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Smart Phones and Smart Decisions | by Linda Brendle

Older woman with cell phoneMy smart phone is still smarter than I am, but I’m gaining on it. I’ve downloaded a couple of apps, taken and sent pictures, Tweeted and mastered lots of the other essentials of staying in touch in the modern world. Mom would be fascinated. (more…)

Am I Smart Enough for a Smart Phone? | by Linda Brendle

English: icon for smartphone (smart phone) rel...

English: icon for smartphone (smart phone) related content (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Santa came early to our house this year. I am now the proud owner of a 3GS iPhone. The question now is, am I smart enough to use it?

I got it early because David, in getting the phone ready to use, inadvertently turned off my old phone. I don’t mind the early gift. It gives me more time to play, and by the time we join my brother and sister-in-law for Christmas next week, maybe I’ll know my way around it well enough to use both thumbs on the keyboard. (more…)

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