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Success Is a Two-Inch Tomato! | by Linda Brendle

My garden today.I’ve written several posts about my little garden in the past few months. (here, here and here) Gardens are not very exciting to those who’ve grown them all their lives, but they’re nothing short of miraculous to a city girl whose previous horticultural experiences consists of a window sill herb garden and a few pots of patio tomatoes. Every time I take a bag of frozen squash or okra from the freezer or open a jar of salsa or pickled okra, I think this isn’t the product of a giant faceless corporation. This is the result of hard work by Aunt Fay, Jerry, Dirk and even me. (more…)

Shoes, Dreams and Writing

I dreamed about shoes recently, twice. According to on-line dream interpreters, I may have some rethinking to do about my writing career. (more…)

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