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The Special World of Marriage | by Linda Brendle

When you blog, people sometimes give you topic suggestions. Some suggestions are good, and some make you want to ask Have you ever read my blog? But some make you stop and think. My husband David made one of those suggestions last week. We were driving to the library and the discussion turned to blog topics. (more…)


I’m Open to Suggestions | by Linda Brendle

My post yesterday about “Top Ten Ways to Know If You’re a Caregiver” met with several reactions, but two stood out from the rest. First, a number of people commented on the truth of my list. I can attest to that, because every item was based on scenarios I experienced during my stint as a caregiver. Second, several readers indicated I didn’t include nearly enough items, so I thought I’d open the floor to suggestions. If you are or have been a caregiver and would like to submit an idea for a future Top 10 or 20 or 30 List, leave it in a comment.

Thanks for reading LifeAfterCaregiving. I look forward to your input.



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